The Solterra team - Stacie Jacob, Jennifer Bravo, Mike Dawson, Mike Garnett, Haley Pezzini and Rachel Covey - brings more than 25 years of wine and tourism marketing experience with an emphasis on developing genuine brand messaging to tell the story.

Haley Pezzini

Haley Pezzini, Assistant Account Coordinator

Haley Pezzini has brought together her creative passion and love of agriculture to launch her career in agriculture communications at Solterra Strategies. As a fourth year student at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, Pezzini balances her class schedule with her professional duties as an assistant account coordinator.  

Pezzini will lead the annual Central Coast Cider Festival including producer sign-up, event logistics, marketing and all aspects of this new festival created by Solterra Strategies in 2016.

Growing up in the Salinas Valley, the Salad Bowl of the world, agriculture was undoubtedly part of Pezzini’s everyday life. Raised on a working cattle ranch, Pezzini learned the value of hard work and responsibility at a young age, which has shaped her into the person she is today.  

Pezzini writes for the AG Circle Magazine at Cal Poly, which has allowed her to practice her writing and interviewing skills. Freelance work has furthered her knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite and social media.