The Solterra team - Stacie Jacob, Mike Dawson, Alyssa Krichevsky, Lacie Johns and Kiana Cooper - brings more than 60 years of wine and tourism marketing experience with an emphasis on developing genuine brand messaging to tell the story.

Kiana Cooper

Kiana Cooper, Account Coordinator

Kiana’s innate curiosity brought her to San Luis Obispo from a small coastal town in North Carolina. With a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies and a concentration in Sustainability, her desire to learn new things, discover trends and experiment with strategy helps bring innovation to clients.

The Surfrider Foundation, a national environmental non-profit that Kiana has been involved with for 6 years, is where she found her interest in event management and marketing. After she made her way to San Luis Obispo County, she interned with Solterra Strategies for 5 months as an Assistant Account Coordinator before joining full-time as an Account Coordinator.

Kiana quickly fell in love with San Luis Obispo County’s small-town feel and believes the intimacy of the communities allows her to share the stories of small businesses and creatives, and connect with the masterminds behind the products on a personal level. Her passion to learn has helped her understand clients’ goals from a larger standpoint when she works with travel writing, tourism-based social media content and design.

In her spare time, she stays active by hiking, doing yoga, relaxing at the beach and is always on the hunt for the best live music in the area.