Posted on October 13, 2017

Kukkula- Raw Paso Robles, Exceptional Wine

I’ve had the privilege of touring vineyards and wineries all over the world, and I feel lucky to have seen such tremendous beauty. Still, I never lose the ability to be awestruck by pristine natural spaces.

On a recent trip to California’s Paso Robles wine country, I was blown away by the varied, dynamic terrain, and the thriving winemaking culture carved into this land. But Kukkula Winery was the most stunning place I explored. If I believed in auras or new age-y vortex shit, I’d be convinced Kukkula was one such spot. It is a magical place fit for a pilgrimage.

Rising up steep slopes in Paso’s Adelaida District, owner and winemaker Kevin Jussila has built something special with his estate winery, vineyards, and family home. This used to be a walnut orchard, until Kevin and his wife Paula (then living in Los Angeles), purchased the property and moved up to the Central Coast in 2004.

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